Bereavement Group

Does anyone know of a bereavement group that meets up socially in the Chorley , Preston area. It would be good to meet up with others in a similar situation as myself.

Hi Katy,

Cruse Bereavement run support groups across the country. You can find details of your nearest branch here:

There is also WAY (Widowed and Young, for under 50s) and Way Up (for 50+) - these are both websites where you can find others in your local area. They aren’t formal support groups, but more about socialising with others in similar situations.

I’ve also found this service in Preston - I don’t know anything about it, so I can’t make a recommendation, but it might be worth checking out: a href=“” target="_blank">Bereavement Support - Cancer Help Preston

i live i wisbech cambrideshire and can not find any surport groups in my area.Or any widow you know of any?

Hi Brenda,

What organisations have you been in touch with? Have you already tried Cruse? It looks as though your nearest branch is the Peterborough one, so you could get in touch and see what support groups they run:

Way and Way Up, which I’ve linked to above, are both nationwide, but the events and meet-ups are all organised by members, so it will depend on what people in your area are doing.

You may be able to find out about other local groups through your GP surgery or a local hospice.