Bereavement Group?

Hi, does anyone know of a bereavement group in Suffolk, preferably in or near Bury St Edmunds? My thoughts go out to everyone on this site as we are all going through a tough, awful time and are all suffering. I am glad we have this site to be able to share and support each other. Take care everyone.

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Hi I also live in Suffolk and would be interested in meeting up with people in our situation if you hear of any groups. I lost my husband very suddenly on 29th. December while he was working abroad. My thoughts go out to everyone on this site.

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Dear Karen and Jackie,

I’m so sorry for your losses, but I’m glad you’re finding comfort on our Online Community.

Cruse Bereavement Care offer support groups throughout the country. You can find out more and contact the Suffolk branch here:

Another local group is Suffolk Bereavement Support. You can find their contact details here:

There is also WAY (Widowed and Young, for under 50s) and Way Up (for 50+) - these are both websites where you can find others in your local area. They aren’t formal support groups, but more about socialising with others in similar situations.

You may also be able to find out about other local groups through your GP surgery or a local hospice.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best wishes,


Thanks for your help, Irene. I will definitely look into those groups as feel a support group would be good for me where I could meet with other people in the same boat as me. This Online Community has been a tremendous help and comfort and I have picked up some good tips and advice from others that are grieving and in pain, plus I am finding it therapeutic to write down my feelings and share with others. It is helping me with the isolation and loneliness too so am so glad I found it. Best wishes, Karen

I am in ipswich Totaly alone with my tears I lost my granddaughter at 6 days old I cant help my daughter and partnrr as they are in pain themselces and missibg and grieving tgeir baby i also am misding her and not being able to help my daughter is so distressing and I cant help my self i feel totaly useless and not able to go

Hi Nutty Nanny,

I’m so sorry to hear about your granddaughter, that is so terribly sad. You can’t take away the grief from your daughter and her partner, you can only be there for them and let them know that it’s ok to grieve.

It’s natural that you are grieving too. If you are looking for offline support in the Ipswich area, here are a couple of organisations that have local support groups - both of these are open to grandparents:

Hi Jackie399. Thanks to the website that Priscilla posted in answer to my support group question, I have now arranged to go to the Hadleigh one on Thursday at 1.30. Is that any good to you? I will try anything to help myself on this awful bereavement journey and some of the others on this site are attending support groups and says it helps. Plus, a lady said she was making some friends so another reason to go as I feel I need to widen my circle of friends and people in the same boat sounds a good idea. It will get me out of the house so I am actually looking forward to it. Best wishes from Karen

Sorry, it was IRENE who gave me the website address.

How awful for you, I am so sorry. MaryL

I am not in Suffolk but at present in Dorset and very soon going to be taken to my first Cruse meet-up as i have been having telephone counselling over the past few months but think my telephone sessions have now come to the end…

I see we have another Jackie…from one Jackie to another, hello, sorry that you have had reason to bring you onto our Sue Ryder forum, the membership none of us was expecting to join…