Bereavement mum

Today has been a bad day. It’s been 5 weeks since the furneral of my mum. She died of a brain tumour age of 54. Mum was a resident of Sue Ryders.
Just feel angry, alone and isolated with my emotions.
Feel like my work don’t care because they haven’t even sent me a card or flowers.

Dear @vanex018, I am so sorry about the loss of your mum, at such a young age too. It must be so difficult for you. That is so insensitive of your workplace, if I was in your situation, I would complain to HR. It is totally unacceptable that they haven’t even sent you a card.

Do you have any family or friends who you can talk to about your mum? You need all the help and understanding that you can get at this awful moment in your life. Please feel free to keep posting here if you think that might help.

Sending you a huge hug. I know it’s too hard some days so try to be kind to yourself. It’s exhausting and totally wipes you out. X

I have an older sister and my dad. But the covid situation is making things difficult.

It is exhausting

It really is you can be the toughest person but I find my brain just won’t switch off x

How are you coping?

I still write to my husband in a journal every day. I tell him about my day, how I feel and of course how much I miss him. X