Bereavement payment for partners

Hi everyone,

For those who don’t know, if your partner has died, and you weren’t married, you are now eligible for a payment of up to £10,000.

This can be backdated, but the government have put a deadline on these payments.

Thousands of bereaved people don’t know about this. Please see if your eligible, and pass onto anyone you might think is also.

I hope the day is kind to you all.

Yours in bereavement, Merrin

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Hiya, for those that weren’t married or in a civil partnership this only applies if you had children. The rest of us can claim nothing. x

If you are married you also have to be under state pension age.
If you have children you qualify for higher payment - one off payment of £3500, and then £350 a month for 18 months.
If you had no kids (like me) it’s the lower payment - £2500 one off ,and then £100 a month for 18 months

It was a person I spoke to when I called dept of work and pensions about my husband’s death and his pension, that told me about it. She even applied for me for it, there and then , while I was on the phone to her. You

I’ll get my last payment at the end of this month.
How the hell has nearly 18 months passed :cry::cry:

Having bad day today😰


When i applied for this.i was told that because sue was two weeks short on her national insurance contributions i wasn’t eligible for it.even after appeal i wasn’t eligible for the not happy about it

Dear @Martyn2
I’m sorry to hear the criteria didn’t make you eligible. My husband had paid all of his, having worked for almost 52 years. (From age 15 - 66)

It’s disappointing that you were only 2 weeks short .

Take care x

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Capthphil.thank you x