Bereavement Support Groups

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone know of any bereavement support groups that meet online through platforms such as Zoom or Facebook? I’m looking for a group that meets maybe weekly or monthly to just talk and share feelings about grief and what we’re going through. I can’t seem to find any so I just wanted to check if anyone knows of any.
Thank you

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Hi Tenzel, it is something I know our manager is looking into but at present I have not heard of any but if you find one I would love to hear about. Some of the counselling have gone on Zoom including Cruse and our local hospice. I will make sure Aife knows about your post. Wishing you well. Sxx

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I would really like this too. I have been looking for a face to face group in my local area to no avail. Talking to people in the same situation would be comforting and more supportive because they REALLY know…

Hi Tenzel

The Good Grief Trust run zoom Grief Cafes several times a week although they’re not running at the moment but are supposed to be starting again soon.

Have a look at their website.

I’ve been to the cafes several times, they’re really helpful.


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Hello, I was part of a bereavement group through the local health authority. My mother’s vicar was involved in it and send me an application to join. It was a zoom one, but it was still helpful. So try contacting your doctor’s.

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Thank you. I was given a number by my GP but unfortunately no one is answering, maybe due to covid? She also gave me a number for a church one but that was answerphone and again no one got back to me. I will try again though as I do think we can really help each other in ways nobody else can understand. The replies and conversations on this site have been lifesavers for me and let me know I’m not mad with how I think and feel.


Thank you so much for your response. I will check them out!

@SusieM would I be allowed to organise one myself and invite people from the sue ryder community to join? I understand if it’s not allowed.

Thank you!


Tenzel, I have sent your post onto our manager Aife, so I think she will be in touch with you. I am only a volunteer on the site so I don’t have any responsibility for such things. (Thank goodness) personally I think it would help even when we can meet other people in a normal type of life. My only concern is how you manage or monitor but everthing is possible. You take care of yourself and keep safe. Sxx

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Hey @tenzel

It’s great you’re posting here, we’re more than happy to help you find some support groups. There’s been some good suggestions posted here already, but I have a few more organisations you may wish to look in which I’ve posted below:

  • Good Grief Trust - have been running a few virtual bereavement cafe sessions via video call which is a place where bereaved people can come together to support one another. As @NJL mentioned, they usually have them in person but due to covid those sessions aren’t running at the moment.
  • Mental Health Mates - organise walks for people struggling with their mental health to come together for peer support. At the moment they are running virtually over Zoom.
  • Cruse - they offer a range of support options such as a helpline, email support, and online live chats.
    St Clare Hospice - has moved their bereavement cafe online to Facebook groups where people can post asking for support.

I hope these are helpful, let us know how you get on reaching out to these organisations for support and do keep posting here whenever you need to.

Hi Tenzel and Aife - just to clarify, I haven’t been to the “in person” cafes but the virtual ones which are so helpful. It is a great shame they aren’t running at the moment and haven’t been for about six weeks now. I know they intend to bring them back but haven’t given a timescale yet. I personally would find going to an in-person cafe very difficult and the online version is such a wonderful resource.


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