Didn’t lose a partner, as I’m happily single, but my Mum, 2 months ago.
Even though I can’t have physical touch or comfort, and though I’d gone home the day before, at least Mum was at home, where we could touch her, sing to her, talk to her, listen to her, pray with her, and just be in the same room with her. Even though death was very rapid, and took us all unawares, at least she was in her own home, with her husband of over 66 years, and not in hospital.

Dear Knightley,
I don’t know you but your description of your Mum’s death touched me.
I am sorry about her death.The passing you described is surely the way we would all like to go, feeling loved, cherished and peaceful. I feel she would have felt very calm, and I am glad (if that’s the word) that it was so meaningful for all of you.
I hope your Dad will be ok, but I get the feeling he will be loved and looked after too.
My thoughts are with you.
Hugs, AnnR xx

Thanks so much Ann R.
It’s been, and is, but many strangers have encouraged me/us.