I lost my beloved husband, Jason, in February 2021, due to lung cancer. We met eachother late in life and would have been married for 5 years this month. I miss him so very much and my life feels so empty now. My lovely son bought me a cat for Mothers day as he didnt want me to be on my own and he is great company but I still miss Jason so very much. I cannot get my head around the fact that I am never going to see him again, go to our favourite places and laugh with eachother, we did so much laughing together. He was not just my husband but my soul mate and best friend. I just feel so very alone and empty.
Clair xx


@Wifey hi I am so very sorry for your loss I lost my soulmate pauline in April its so hard without them keep posting on here you will find support everyone on here understands and we all try to help eachother as best as we can stay safe take care sending hugs x

@Wifey sue ryder also offers bereavement counselling or you could try cruse

Hi Casey,
Thank you for your lovely message and I am deeply sorry for your loss too.
I had 6 weeks counselling with Cruse who were brilliant and I thought I was OK at the end of the 6 weeks but unfortunately I am not. I found it really helpful talking to someone who doesnt know me and does not judge me. I am waiting to have some more counselling. Have you had any?

@Wifey I am having counselling over the phone with cruse it will be my 5th session tomorrow I think in time it might help a little and I get what your saying about not getting judged at first I didn’t think it would help me but at the approach of week 3 of counselling I found myself looking forward to it its the first time I have looked forward to anything since losing her I don’t know if its because its the only time I get to talk to someone or that I just really need to talk about pauline and get out what I’m feeling it still feels very raw right now I think I get 12 sessions of counselling did they offer you more than 6 sessions I know it won’t stop the pain or end the emptiness or longing for them or the loneliness but I have to try to find a way to try to adjust to this horrendous journey I must say they are really good my counsellor is very understanding we are going to talk about how picking up her ashes might affect me tomorrow I’m bringing her ashes home on Wednesday its our anniversary on the 17th it would have been 21years together I need her home for then I asked her to marry me the week before she went to the doctors who said she had to go to hospital within 4 weeks she was gone I miss her so very much I’m often around if you want to chat sorry for the long message x

It is lovely to hear from people in the same situation, it makes me feel that I am not going completely mad. I still talk to my late husband even though I know he is not here and not coming back x

@Carole2 hi carole I am so very sorry for your loss its not mad I talk to pauline all the time I believe they can still hear us and are close to us it gives me a little comfort to talk to her maybe it’s our way of trying to hang on to them I dunno but I can’t stop myself it helps a little talking on here with people that understand and it helps to make me feel less alone stay safe and take care sending hugs x

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I talk to Jason all the time, somehow it makes me feel close to him. Feeling so lonely is one of the worst feelings that I have had to deal with. It has been 5 months now since I lost my beloved husband and our 5th wedding anniversary is fast approaching which I am dreading xx

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Hi Casey,
I had 6 weeks counselling from Cruse. I could have had longer but if I wanted the same Counsellor there is a 12 week waiting list. I thought I was OK at the end of the 6 weeks but a couple of weeks after, I really missed my chats with Helen. It was so nice talking to someone about Jason and not feeling bad about breaking down talking about him. I cant imagine how you must be feeling for tomorrow. My husband was buried and I visit his grave almost every day. Our anniversary is 27th August. It would have been our 5th anniversary. I am always around too Casey if you ever need to talk. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

@Wifey hi thankyou I am so sorry you are going through this heartbreak and for everyone going through it our anniversary is on the 17th August I’m not sure how I’m going to cope on that day but it falls on a Tuesday which is when I have counselling I will definitely need it that day I will be keeping her ashes with me and when my times comes I will be cremated and my ashes will go with paulines I got her a companion urn half of her ashes are going to Ireland to go with her mum and dad who passed many years ago and yes it is very lonely I’m on my own 24 7 apart from our pets who I adore they give me a reason to get up everyday I hope you have support around you stay safe take care sending hugs x

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Casey1 - sending big hugs to you too - try and stay strong. It is so hard to do I know. Every day is an effort but like you with your pets I have a rescue cat that my son bought me for Mother’s Day as he didnt want me to be on my own now Jason has gone, and he is so loving and great company. You take care and please you can talk to me anytime xx

@Wifey thankyou you can also talk to me anytime I will always reply as soon as I see the message this site has been a lifeline for me since losing pauline I can say whatever I feel here and not get judged and get support I have a dog cara who is 12 two cats chip and dale they are brothers they are 3 or 4 I can’t remember which they are all so loving