Hi folks hope you are all good I have lost 6 of my very close family and friends in 4 years when one was sick the other one was dying i lost a close friend just over a month ago he was found lying at the bottom of his stairs when my daddy died my mummy had cancer and iv also lost my husband in all of this when my twins where just 9 i feel I haven’t grieved for any of them yet because I was always worried about who was sick when they died I feel like i don’t want to be here anymore

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Hello Martina… I don’t know where to start so I bet you really don’t… what an awful time you’re having.

I “only” lost my husband and for me that was enough to send me to the brink…

I have no good advice as I’ve never been in your position. I hope you find a way to keep breathing and please tell us some more about how you are feeling if you’re up to it. Writing and reading on here is one if the main things that helped me survive.
Take care xxx


Hi Martina, yes FleurDeLes has told you to breath and I can see exactly what they mean, I don’t think you have time to stop and grieve but please make time. Just to hold on to memories of each person you have lost and say ‘goodbye’ is a start. In time you will think about each one and enjoy those moments you had with them. Take time out of your busy life just to stop and think, things will be fine and you will feel so much better. Give your twins a big hug from me. S xx