Its been 6 months since my wife and soul mate passed away, we both knew there was no cure we were told it was terminal, my wife Tina was so strong ,we managed to get her home in the last days,she managed to see all her grandchildren,with me she planned her goodbye, I knew it was going to happen, we had been together 50years ,in February this year I organised the celebration of her life,all of family came,friends, work friends, there. was disco food,it is what Tina wanted.this gave me some closure, but since then I seem to going down hill im on my own now can’t stop sobbing, don’t want to go out
I know Tina would not want me to be like this,I just miss her so much

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Dear @Toprate1

I am sorry for the loss of your wife. 50 years together with a life time of wonderful memories. How special is that.

You are in the early stages of grief and what you are going through is normal. Have you considered booking an appointment with your GP to say how you are feeling and for support. There could be local support groups in your area that you could join which would get you out and to meet people.

I see you have great support from your sons. Have you told them how you are feeling and could you stay with them for a weekend break to get you out or have lunch out with them? Once you have made the first initial step of going out , it will become easier and you can meet up with friends and family.

On the website here you will find useful bereavement information and support pages which may be of help to you. You can also connect with the supportive community here by typing in the search bar Loss of my wife/Loss of a Partner which will connect you to members who have experienced what you are going through.

Please take care of yourself, take one day and a time, everyone’s journey is different and continue to reach out.