Losing my mum has been the hardest thing in my life . I’m crying all the time . Not sure how too cope I feel empty , she was my best friend .


Hi, im so sorry for your loss of your mum, i lost my nan sept 22. i still cry everyday :cry: im having bereavement councilling and it was recommended to me to write a journal and i have to say it really helps. i just write as if i was telling my nan everything i do day to day. always here if you want to message.

love chelle x

I’m so sorry for your loss. I did my mums end of life care in Oct 2020, my dads in Dec 2021 and my son passed away March 2023 to drugs overdose, I feel your pain. I also write a journal and it really does help. I out down any that’s is in my head, talking to my son, the weather…anything and it helps. Take care and be kind to yourself xx

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