Hello my name is sarah nearly 4 years ago i lost my mum and dad they was 6 weeks apart of one another. I camt seem to get to grips with not having them snymore on the one hand i know theyve gone but on the other i cant seem th msnage with them. I Ffind it really hard now will thongs ever get any better.

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So sorry you have lost both mum and dad that is very hard for you . But they loved you so l understand l am 79 lost both my parents in 2002 as well . It hurts . Have you any familly or brother sister to talk to to . Could you try something new once a week maybe . Have you tried to get help . My wife has dimentia and my doctor sent me to Cruise on a type of help thing .Not to forget l will lose ann at some point . Do you miss yhe advice or support they gave you . I wish you all the best

hello sarah, i’m so sorry for your losses. yes, things will get better but you must be an active participant in letting yourself heal. if you think only of the past then depression will visit. if you overthink about what’s in store for you in the future without your mum and dad then anxiety will rule. we have to accept our losses as part of the natural cycle of life. your mum and dad lived a very unique and personal life full of joy and sorrow, both equally important in the full scope of what we know as life. now it’s your turn to seek, find and experience the good and the bad this world has to offer you during your given time. don’t overthink about things you can’t control. let the day lead you to the wonders this world has to offer. if you don’t like where and who you are now, i hope you find the courage to change it. your mum and dad would want nothing less for you. my heart goes out to you.