Hi there. I recently lost my wife, whom i was married to for 20 years, and who I’d known for nearly 30 years. She was only 53 years old. We have a son, who is now 18 years old, and has severe learning difficulties and autism. In the space of 6 months, i have lost my wife, soulmate, friend, confidante. My beloved son has lost his precious mom mom. I’ve also made the difficult ( but correct in my mind) decision, to take early retirement from work ( 51) . After spending what seems like an eternity on filling out forms for my Late wife, and son, i’m physically and emotionally drained. Sometimes, it’s difficult imagining living anything other than day to day.


Hi @Secondmicegetcheese
So sorry to here of your loss of your wife.
Having to deal with things make decisions are so hard without our loved ones around.
Like you say we can only take one day at a time. This new life we find ourselves in is just so life changing.
I know you have your son to help get through his mums loss too.
I hope you have other family and friends to help.
Take care :broken_heart:


Have you looked into a in person bereavement support group ? It can be helpful for this time. I went to two (on line - was during the lock down), and now am in one in person group (which is better because of human interaction). Just do it even it means to just to get yourself somewhere consistenly for 8 -10 weeks. Please take care. God bless.

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Yes, the draining… the exhaustion … very hard… hang in. Your decision is yours to make, for no one can truly understand what you need. Be at peace with yourself… there is too much on the plate already.

Sorry Galaxy, this post was meant for the Secondmicegetcheese

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Hi LolaA, i have looked into BSG’s, but haven’t commited yet. I think it’s something I’d benefit from though, and I’m not afraid to talk about anything, or listen to others. I found the case videos on the Cruze website really helpful, thank you for your reply.

So sorry for your loss.
Sending hugs & strength
Take care X

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