Bereft in grief today

I decided to continue attempting to go on holiday to Tel Aviv, a trip that I was supposed to complete with my civil partner. Colin died 6 weeks ago and now I think it was too early to go away.

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So sorry to hear your loss. All I can say is you are trying, carrying on, that’s all we can do. Try to enjoy your time on holiday and remember that he would want you to be happy and will be smiling down on you. xxx

Sorry for your loss, I lost my partner Malcolm just over 3 weeks ago and the pain is just so raw. I was considering going away somewhere as I thought that a change of scene would help, sitting alone in the house surrounded by memories of Mal is crushingly lonely. Your comment has made me think again.

Have you got friends and or family that you can talk to? I think that this helps me.

Miles ,this is a difficult one and is different for everybody. When John was alive and I cared for him for over six years,I did not have a break because I would have felt guilty that John could not as he was too ill to travel. I wish you well now and in the future.