Not feeling great tonite

  • feel angry sad frustrated alone
    Family dont acknolege or include you in decisions
    Can be hurtful

Hi S47…that feeling of alone is not a good feeling …is it …when we lose someone I think all our feelings are heightened …we have lost the important person in our lives and the anger around that can be so very strong …saying how we feel helps on here …but it doesnt always impact on the others around us .in our lives.who might not know how we really feel …Experiment the next time you feel left out or excluded voice your opinion of what you think or feel about what’s discussed…look at challenging the thoughts that pop into your head about not being acknowledged or included…could it be that your family dont want to burden you more than you already are …could it be that they feel a responsibility to shoulder decisions for you …sometimes the more we challenge our own thought process the more we can come up with a more balanced thought ( which hopefully is less hurtful ) …just remember you are not alone

Hi Bab.
Thanks for ur email. Sorry didnt reply.
I dont ferl i can talk to some people in the family about how i feel