Not sleeping well or feeling great
Either lie awake for hours until 1 maybe 2am before can get to sleep nitetime worse as thats when you have all these thoughts feelings
Feel emotional
Or you feel angry sad emty lost tearful overwellmed
Or have bad dreams
Tried hot bubble bath decaf tea etc
Simetimes i try go out wallk aling the canal
Other times cant be annoyed
So difficult everything has chsnged short space of time
Dosent helo with covid18 licjdoen

Hi I have recently lost my husband and do get where you are coming from. I have found that when I start to cry to tell myself firmly that I will not waste a day in tears and then I get busy doing things like bagging up some clothes or pulling weeds up in the garden until I feel calmer as for night time, reading always relaxed me, when my husband was ill and restless in bed, so I read magazines with short stories until I can’t focus, this seems to help most times. Hope this helps but what you describe is part of the grieving process and one day everything will click into place and you will be unaware that you are coping better and be having more good days than bad. until then I’m sending you a hug

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Sorry for your loss.
How are you coping?
Thats good gardening seems to help you
Or reading.
I find going walks along the canal with my son helps me to focus
I have grown up son and daughter
Carer to them both. Although independant
Do you find mornings & eve as bad
I do
Everything has changed so much short space time
So sick of waking up everday feels the same now over and over again
Take care
Big hugs​:heart::purple_heart: