Has anyone here had physical relations following the death of their partner?

Dear Weebs

I’m a volunteer with Sue Ryder and saw your post. Do you feel you could open up a bit more about this, or is it a random question? Answering is difficult not knowing a little more context, and it’s a sensitive subject. If I can’t help personally there are many others on here who probably can, or I can direct you to where you can get professional help.

Thank you for being brave enough to post.


Yes I have with a family member on his side and I’m not the least bit ashamed and don’t feel guilty.


I think its very much down to the individual. Its nothing to be ashamed of .It dosent mean you didnt love your partner it can be a form of comfort a way of confirming you are still here and alive . On the other side of the coin if you choose to remain alone and celibate after your partners death then thats alright too .Some people don’t want anyone else some people do .And good luck to both ways .