Hi All,

I got a very odd PM from someone called Jegac1, who claims to be a widow, spinning a line about a gold mine in Liberia and wanting someone to take her cash to give away because she doesn’t have time.

This is an obvious scam. Anyone who responds will get drawn into revealing bank account details and then having to pay a small sum to get the millions out of Liberia. And so it goes on.

I have sent a message to the SR admins, who will hopefully block this person and alert the police.

Meantime, please DO NOT be tempted to reply if you get a PM from someone you don’t already know.

Love to all,

Christie xxx


I have too, I have emailed the moderators regarding this,

Nothing is sacred to these fraudsters.

Let us hope no one is taken in by this.

thank you for starting this thread, I saw my message, two identical messages by the way, around 3am, couldn’t get back on to the site to find where to post a warning.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


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I v also got one…but just ignored it…Glad to hear I am not the only. x

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same, I also flagged to moderators. Its horrible they will target us on a site like this…

Thanks to everyone who flagged this - we’ve removed the spam account from the site and are contacting anyone who received a private message from the account.


I can’t believe this old chestnut is still doing the rounds, they really think in this day and age we believe this rubbish! Good you reported it in case someone gets sucked in.

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I’m concerned that this arises from all our activity being open to anyone reading it and deciding to join with the intention of homing in on they may have gleaned for our conversations. Let’s be honest, we are at our most vulnerable and for me that should only be with people who take steps to join, with some checks by admin as they do seek to join. Most forums require that.

I have raised this with Sue Ryder but they disagreed saying many may benefit just by viewing as a non member.

So, as long as Sue Ryder defend it being open to all, this will happen and attract people with some questionable motives.

For me, I refrain from sharing and have taken steps to protect my identity.


Hello Stargazer. We are sorry to hear this. We hope you have had as pleasant a day as can be. Please know we take everyone’s security most seriously.

Take care. Stay safe,
Online Community Team