Beyond Paradise

I was watching an episode of the. BBC series Beyond Paradise and there was an episode about a woman who had lost someone. Her speech in Police custody resonated with me so share it here. It’s sensitively delivered by the actress and always catches me when I play it back

‘ And everyone tells you just take a day at a time so that’s what I do go through the motions. We have to switch off you see because every morning when you wake up the pain just comes back. Your never free of it
So do what you want with me I feel nothing”


So so true

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Season 2 episode 1 on IPlayer about about 50 min in

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This reminded me of a poem by Donna Ashworth, entitled
‘You Don’t Just Lose Someone Once’

I’ll try and post it here for you all .

Love, hugs and strength


How true, how horribly true. We will never forget or get over the loss. The best we can hope is that we learn to live with it

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Thanks for posting CathPhil it’s an excellent poem.
As is states we loose them again each time we awake

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