Big back step

11 months since loosing my dear wife of 40 years, to subacroid heomorage, felt I was just coming to terms with losing her, and. Bang. Feel so lonely and sad can’t see the point in anything, I have good family support, who also miss her but it’s there mother and I feel I have to be strong for everyone, ime good at giving advice but not to myself, just want this pain to stop


Hi @Luke

Sorry for your loss :heart:

It’s horrendous the grief journey isn’t it. It just keeps hitting you in the face.

You don’t need to be strong for everyone, you need to look after you. Maybe talk to someone in your support circle to say how you are feeling or maybe write to your wife.

Hopefully the low will pass soon.

Take care :hugs: x

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I think it is very likely that you have not grieved properly yet, you have been holding it together for everyone else. Maybe you could let your family know that you are feeling very down at the moment and you need to let your feelings out and can they support you in this, then hopefully they will understand and allow you to grieve as well. we all hate this grieving but it is also healing as well.

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