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Hi this is my first post on this forum, I lost my wife on 23rd September & have had all the heartaches that go with suffering grief. On top of which I find myself with a very large bill for probate, neither of us owned property, we had no savings, pensions etc, I have had to borrow money from friends & family just to pay for the funeral, before my wifes death I had never even heard of probate, is this something I have to pay ? any advice would be very welcome.

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If there aren’t any assets why would probate be needed ? Something doesn’t make sense here so be careful before paying anything to anyone.

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This is what I have just googled, may help help At what level is probate required?

Probate is generally required for estate administration and is usually needed if a person has significant assets or owns a property in their sole name. However, the threshold for money can vary between individual banks and financial institutions

Hello @ sapper

This website had information which may help you.

From website…
Step 6 – Working Out if You Need Probate
The easiest way to work out if you’ll need Probate is to call us on 0800 634 9494 and we can go through this with you.
It’s worth remembering that Probate is only needed in certain circumstances, not just because a Will hasn’t been made or because the total value of the whole estate seems high. There are different factors which make Probate a requirement, but in simple terms it is decided by the value of individual sole assets within a person’s estate. There are exceptions to this rule so call us and we can check for you.

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Did you apply for the bereavement benefit? I’d never heard of it but I got it and it was a huge help. I lost my husband 6 weeks ago and he had no Will or savings. Seek all the help and support you can.

I have recently gone through probate as my mum owned her house and had some savings. If you don’t have assets you don’t go through probate.
Hope this helps

Nori, been thinking of you. How are you, your husband and boys. We had bad news last weekend to say my partners son aged 39 had passed away. Here we go again, drink and drugs again we think, another funeral another inquest. This week has toughened me up though…no choice. Take care xx

Oh god that’s awful, I’m so sorry.

We are ok. My boys seem to be coping well. I had a sense of relief initially and now just feel really bloody sad. The realisation that I’ll never have him to talk to again is shit. I registered the death today. X

OMG Nori I am so so sorry to hear your such sad news. I am here for you and please if you want to PM me. I haven’t been on here much this week. Take care, be kind to yourself and do what’s right for you and your boys❤️ xx

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I hope the registrar was kind to you.when we registered my son’s death the registrar was so kind . He asked if we had eaten and to take our time ,told use about the tell them once scheme. There is so much to do,take care of yourself as well.

She wasn’t the best. Didn’t even say im sorry for your loss. Made some stupid joke about matts birthday being on 28th December and that must be a pain. I nearly said “well not this year as he won’t be here”. Oh and the computer systems weren’t working so I have to go back and pick up the docs.
On the way out I then bumped into the other registrar who I used to work with and just cried to her. She was nice enough.
I don’t have much luck with people, I’m used to it :roll_eyes:


I am so sorry ,it helps a bit when they are kind. I know it helped us as my husband was with me and he was shaking a bit with the shock. It is never easy

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@Nori I can relate to that…I remember when I went with my mum to register my Dad’s death & the registrar was deaf. I had to stop myself from saying: “ffs” out loud. She got his surname wrong twice & had all the sensitivity & charm of a wet sponge. :roll_eyes:

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Hi Nori,
I haven’t posted to you before but just wanted to say I am thinking of you and the boys.
Big hugs
Deborah x

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thinking of you daily! :heart: i remember going to register shauns death at the registry office we married in :broken_heart: she said “oh you married here how lovely” i sat there thinking “how is that lovely?” the last time i had been there had been the happiest day of my life becoming his wife, then there i was 3 weeks after him passing registering his death, just so cruel xz

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The last time I was there was registering our sons birth.
I do wonder how many brain cells some people have., clueless…