Binge eating

When my son first got killed i found i couldnt eat or sleep.Now ive put so much weight on as im home alone and just eat for the sake of eating,i cant be bothered with anything anymore just sit doing nothing most the day.I start back at work on the 12th March so im hoping by being active helps.Im down enough in my moods without this to.:disappointed_relieved:

I’ve been eating all the wrong foods, it’s like I’m craving stodgy food. Chocolate has always been a weakness but now I’m craving it all the time. I’m unsure if it’s down to the antidepressants or I’m just wanting to eat my emotions.

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I lost over a stone initially as no appetite, but now all i eat is rubbish, biscuits, chocolate etc…


I have days when I eat too much and then days when I don’t eat much. x

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