Birth of Grandson.

My youngest son has just become a daddy and I have broken my heart with crying as his dad isn’t here to see his new grandson. I have shouted peter why couldn’t you be here to see him he is so lovely you would have been so proud of him but you couldn’t look after yourself and got pneumonia and covid and left us all behind and you will never get to see him . I should be feeling happy and I am and a very proud nanny but so sad that peter will never get to see him and watch him grow up.


Very bittersweet but condolences and congratulations in equal measures.
Would like to think Peter can see his grandson and that he is remembered, honoured and loved through his birth.

All the best?

Suzanne x

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Thank you Suzanne for your kind words yes I would like to think my Peter can see his grandson . I am going to see my grandson tomorrow and know that tears will be shed by me and our son David who misses his dad especially on the birth of his own son. Jenny x

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Thank you Tillwemeetagain. You have replied to me on several occasions which I have appreciated i think children have this ability to see what we can not. Our grandaughter Olive had a very special bond with her grandad Peter whenever I went round to my older sons house she would always say where is grandad Peter and I always said he will be here soon. She always talks about him which I am so glad of as most of the family don’t speak about him anymore Olive was her grandads special girl. We have now had two more grandchildren Arlo who he only saw pictures of as he was born in lockdown in April just before his grandad died and now his second grandson Harvey who he won’t ever see. X

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Dear Jen153

Our eldest grandson was only 9 months when my husband died and his brother arrived the following April. Destined never to meet his granda. I too have shouted at my husband especially as he could have avoided all this pain for the family by giving up the motorbike.

I believe in God, although I can understand many who do not, and therefore have tended not to believe in other things but have to say that both grandsons when visiting our bungalow often sit and look at things, breaking into a smile as if they can see someone. Despite my beliefs I would like to think that this is their granda watching over them.

I am certain that your new arrival will bring moments of happiness and joy.

Dear Sheila. Thank you for your kind message . Our first grandson Arlo was born 10 days before Peter died Peter did see photos of him on my phone and was so happy. As it was lockdown we were unable to see him. I didn’t see Arlo until he was 2 months old as had to move house after Peter died so in my new house there is nothing of Peter at all. I still feel that if he had looked after himself and kept away from people as I did he would be here now he was a very stubborn man and only seemed to care about his bungalow which he was living in at the time of his death. We tried to get him to come back to live with us but wouldn’t as the bungalow was his family home and was left to him by his parents I didn’t want to live there as it was 100 miles from our children and grandchildren so yes I am angry with him but he was the love of my life and I miss him every single day and time passing doesn’t make it any easier. Yes as you say our new grandson brings me so much joy and happiness. X

Dear Jen153

My husband was equally stubborn and as a result I am left heartbroken. We met when I was just 18 and him 17 - I have known nothing but him and me ever since and finding existing extremely difficult. Like your husband mine was and remains the love of my life, I just so need him and he is always in my thoughts. I know like myself that you will do everything possible for your little grandson, Arlo.

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Dear Sheila. Thank you for your kind words. It is wonderful that that your little grandson has this special bond with his grandad children can often see things we can’t. My little grandaughter had a special bond with her grandad Peter always wanting to know when she would be seeing him . I will make sure that the two grandsons that never met him will know everything about him he will never be forgotten and as you say I feel that Peter is looking down on them and keeping them safe. X