Birthday anniversary

Hi everyone hope you are all ok feel very emotional and weepy it’s Leah’s 27 th birthday on Monday sobbing awful last night I thought as time went on it might get easier but I suppose il have to take each day as it comes. Take care everyone XX :heart:


Thinking of you @Shellyanne :heart: xxx

Thank you XX

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Hi shellyanne so sorry for your loss .dont think time makes it easier .my sam lost his life to sarcoma a rare cancer he will be 27 next sunday the 12 march. He passed 27 april .it will be two years our babys were to young to be taken they hadn’t experienced life. Its so bloody cruel sending you a hug much love zoe :heart:

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Hi Zoey my Leah would have been 27 yrs old tomorrow I’ve been in tears on and off today then I watched dancing on Ice tonight and was sobbing watching that. I’ve got headache now and my chest hurts it doesn’t get any easier I feel for everyone on here. But thank you for caring it means alot. I just wish they could find something that would get rid of this disease altogether. Take care. Shellyanne XX :heart:

Hi thinking of you sending Leah heavenly birthday hugs take care lovely .dancing on ice made me cry too. Sending you strengh and a hug love zoe :heart:

Hi Zoey thank you. I’m sat here now crying it’s just heartbreaking but I’ve told her to have a lovely party up there bless her. XX :heart:

Out of pain now our babys did not deserve this. Xxxxx

So true Zoey XX :heart: