Birthday retirement

Hi, I’m nearly 6 months into this hellish journey, my husband would have been 66 today and retiring, all my family have been so supportive, don’t know how much longer they could put up with me, days are just a circle of anxiety and depression, I’m just existing, I feel most at ease when I’ve took a pill and gone to bed, I hate waking up! I’ve been encouraged to go to some self help classes and my family take me out, but I’m lousy company, I’m just numb and don’t know how longer I can go on


@Bugiz i feel the same my days feel filled with anxiety and I can’t wait to take a sleeping pill and go to bed. It all then starts again as I wake up. I’m struggling as I don’t think my antidepressants are working. Sending hugs x

It really sounds like you’re very depressed and need some help. Would you think seriously about going to the help group? If it’s with other people who have lost someone it might help to be able to share how you’re feeling as they understand. Have you spoken to your gp about counselling and about how you’re feeling? Your family will support you for as long as you need them so keep on leaning on them while you’re feeling like you are xx

I’m on antidepressants, but low dose, I tried different ones but they made anxiety worse, this one’s just enough to get me sleep and eat a bit more, so I’ve had enough experimentating with them because of side effects, the psych nurse that sees me says they can’t take it all away, which is fair enough and she speaks from experience of bereavement as well, I’ve had diazepam for a couple of months for attacks but they will have to stop soon! I’m trying to swap my house for a flat (housing association) but they are being a pain, dragging their feet and giving me unreasonable repairs to do first, I guess lm obsessing over it as I really want to move somewhere smaller with my cats, the house really triggers me now, I’ll go to groups, just feel stuck in a rut now with a scary future