Birthday soon

It’s getting closer to my mum’s birthday and I don’t know how to cope. How do you know what to do, when the day arrives?

Dear @Nina

It is always tough on birthdays but you do need to try and carry on as you normally would. You need to keep busy when the day arrives. How would your mum have celebrated it? Was there a tradition that your mum did that you can continue? You can make her favourite meal, watch her favourite film or go to a place she loved to visit.

Do you have family or friends you can be with on that day. You can look at old photos and raise a glass to your mum and let a balloon off or plant a rose bush in her memory.

Try and do what your mum did when she was here. Please continue to reach out and take care.



I feel you, It’s my nans first birthday next month since she’s been gone , normally we always go round to my nans on her birthday with cards & presents but obv not this year so I’ve convinced my mum & aunt to come with me to my nans grave to celebrate her birthday all together then maybe McDonald’s after as it will be the closest to nan we can be , I say as long as your with family all together to celebrate your mums birthday it doesn’t matter where or how you celebrate it ,it will be a nice day & I’m sure you mum will appreciate it

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Every anniversary hurts , You Will think of those that only mean something to you,.
Then I will have the shared one such as Christmas.
Al I can say is remember them, love them and enjoy the time you had:
It does hurt xxx


Hi, thank you for the advice. I have my dad and brother with me. I think cooking her favourite meals and watching her favourite film would be a good idea.

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Hi, I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for responding. That sounds like lovely. I think you’re right spending time with family is a good idea, it’s just so strange that they are not here with us