Body undiscovered for a while

Hi everyone, bit of a sensitive subject for me, so please be extra gentle.

I got the call that my Dad had died in May last year. It was a total shock and it wasn’t clear for a long time how he died and it still isn’t completely clear now. This is because he had passed away in his house and wasn’t discovered for quite a while.

The condition of his body is something that has been bothering me more recently. This is a big trauma for me and I feel vulnerable writing this.

I am triggered by hearing about dead bodies, serial killer documentaries etc because I’m very fearful of finding out or seeing a body that has decomposed/not in living tact. My partner and I were giving what seemed like an OK series on Netflix a go at the weekend and out of nowhere a body bag was pulled out of the woods and in time I managed to turn away but the zip was pulled down and my partner saw the decomposed body. That’s very scary for me because if I pulled away a second or two later I would have seen this and I can’t imagine how it would have affected me.

I thought I would reach out today to see if anybody else has been affected in a similar way to me and if they have any advice on what has worked for them in order to help overcome/live with this.

I have counselling currently.

Please be gentle. Thank you.

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Dear Steph,
Im a retired police officer and I’ve witnessed what you’ve shared. Although this has never happened to me personally I have a philosophy. When we die our bodies change to something else. To us we use the uncomfortable word decomposition but in fact our bodies begin and continue to provide a valuable service to mother nature in so many ways because the life force energy has left it, along with the persons soul. So the real person is now safe and happy. They no longer need - to coin a phrase - ’ Their earth suit.’ So be content knowing your real dad is safe and well according to your own belief system.

Bless you.


Thank you James, I like your philosophy <3


I don’t have any experience of what you’ve gone through but just wanted to send you love. It’s been hard enough coping with the fact that my mum was recovering from an op, caught covid in hospital and died within 10 days. No-one was allowed to be with her so even my dad hadn’t seen her for 6 weeks.
All we can hope for is that time will allow the sharpness of the grief and loss to dull. I hope you learn as much as you want/need to about your dad’s death and that those things that trigger you become less and less powerful.
I agree with James71 - your dad had flown free long before his body was discovered.

Many blessings


Thank you so much for your lovely message and I’m really sorry to hear about your mum. Things will get easier for us. Xx


James 71. What a beautiful description of death. So comforting to look at it this way.

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Dear Angiejo1

Im a ‘sensitive’ having studied Spiritual matters for nearly 60yrs. Since my wife Anne passed she has sent me many signs. Coins and white feathers appearing in our house in the most odd places and outside too. Most coins are dated 2016. But I dont know why. She visits me every day from ‘The other side.’ My face feels like a spiders web is being spun over it and I instinctively break into a smile. Yesterday I couldn’t find my expensive pen anywhere. I searched high and low including the rubbish bin so I asked Anne if she could find it for me. I went to bed and this morning I found my pen alongside the coffee jar as I was about to make my first cup. Believe me our lost loved ones are still with us. They live in the other dimension which is full of love. Its the ‘home’ we all return to after we pass over.