Book for Someone Facing Death?

Hello everyone. I hope this is the correct place to ask for advice on this. I’ll just start typing and hope this comes out right.

A close friend of mine is going to lose her mum at some stage. Could be months, could be weeks. She’s asked if I could find a book for her mother to read about that addresses death and offers reassurance and comfort of some sort. It shouldn’t be religious really, and also not “overly poetic” as she put it, or her mum wouldn’t engage with it. Also, we’ve found a few out there but mostly specific to cancer, which isn’t relevant to her heart condition.

I can imagine that might be a tall order but I just had to ask. Any suggestions on the above would be so wonderful and would help an amazing family with a horrible time they shouldn’t be facing.

Thanks in advance for reading and suggesting anything.

Oh! Has her mother expressed a desire for such a book? if not I would be very wary of giving her a book like this. It could cause so much upset.
I can only speak from my own experiences of parental death and I know neither of them would have wanted such a book.
If your friend can talk to her mother gently about the subject, put right any wrongs , look at photos and talk about family memories that may help her mother more than any book.
A sad time but death is not formulaic and her remaining time need not be sad.
I think Hospiceuk has a website with information that may help. Sadme

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Hi there. Thank you so much for posting. Yes this has been given a lot of thought by the family and I don’t feel it’s my place to second guess nor question their motives and wants, only to help if I can in the way I’ve been asked to, if you see.
Do you know of any books that might help or would fit the bill?
Thanks again.

I just did a quick search online. There is a book on Amazon called The art of dying-the only book for persons facing their own death.
It has 4 stars. Maybe take a look?

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Thanks much Cheryl. I’ve had a little look at that one oddly enough and passed it on. Looked to be much like what they were thinking of. Thanks again for the suggestion.

You could try contacting a hospice for advice?

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Thanks Daffy, began emailing a few.