Books which are helping..

As most of you know I am struggling a lot. my mom (only 58) passed away suddenly due to a cardiac arrest.
I am on anti depressants and going to counseling.
Still struggling. Crying and barely surviving.
Some of the books which I have started reading (or audible) which are helping a little bit are;

1- healing after the loss of your mother
2- grief of a parent of parent and loss
3-its ok that you’re not ok

Also watching near death experience videos on YouTube. Never believed in after life but have started believing and hoping to see my mom one day

Mumma, please stay with me. I need you. I’m lost without you. I need you mumma


Hi, that’s a really good idea. Books and websites and writing your thoughts are a good way of dealing with the pain but please also think of fresh air and excise, they are all very helpful. Take care S xxx

Definitely Susie. I have tried going out twice for walks. It did help. Mom used to like walking outside so whenever I do that I’m going to tell myself I’m doing but for her and also walking with her.

That’s great, sunshine/light is the very best and cheapest thing to take. It’s much better then any man made tablets. S xx