Has anyone read any books that have helped them to make sense of their grief?

Hello Cat. You might find this thread helpful. xx


Cat, sorry I can’t remember the actual name and I found it at our local library, it was something like 100 things to do to recover from grieving. Each page had one idea to help you through the worst. I do remember, drinking tea instead of alcohol, walking instead of medication from the GP. Very simple but it did explain what was happening to me and how to get through it when I had no one else around to help. The tea and walking I still do and both stop the weigh going on.

Hi Susie
That sounds a good book. I do agree about the alcohol and fortunately I am not a drinker and wasn’t tempted to go down that road. Already a keen walker I continued with the help of my dogs to accompany me and can recommend this as therapy as well as healthy. I do hope more members of this forum will put on a stout pair of shoes/trainers/boots and give it a go. Making the effort to smile at other walkers or just saying ‘good morning’ and a conversation can be started in seconds. I have now got quite a few ‘dog walking friends’. It all helps.

I wanted proof of some kind of afterlife after my beloved Mike died a few weeks ago. I found a book called ‘The afterlife is real’ by Theresa Cheung and it really will give you some hope and comfort. There are also excellent books by Gary Roe on all types of grief, soulmate, children, spouse , suicide etc. All very soothing to get us through these trying times.

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