Brings a smile to my face

I was thinking about my wife over this weekend (not a surprise since I think of her nearly every waking moment of every day really) and thought about a few things that make me smile rather than feel sad now she has passed away.
I though I would share them with you.

  1. My wife is a foreign national, who could speak very good English. Occasionally, She would explain something to me and I wouldn’t quite understand what she said. I would ask her to say it again. If I didn’t understand it the second time round she immediately brake into her own language with a slightly raised voice. A) to show English wasn’t her first language and B) to show I hadn’t learnt much of her national language. It didn’t help with the explanation, but I got her point.

  2. She would sometimes look at me in the mornings and suddenly burst into laughter. My distorted hairstyle after sleep would remind her of a cartoon character from her youth. She always said I was so funny. Most of the time I never knew why she said that, but I guess it was just my general character that was the source of merriment. I found her very funny too, but I wouldn’t always tell her.

  3. My wife loves birds. She had budgies in the past, but had to settle in later years on trying to tame the wild birds in our garden. She wanted to get a particular robin to eat from her hand. She would go in the garden and gradually try and get the robin to get closer to her by talking to him and leaving food out. I always told her the robin was too “streetwise” and really the robin was training her to feed him. She still tried persevering though. She never succeeded. Maybe I will give it a go myself over the winter.

There are so many things that make our partners special dealing with all the ups and downs life has in store. I have plenty more great memories and recall them whenever I am not having a good time. I am so glad I met my wonderful wife.

I am sure you all have great memories too.

Take care,


Your wife sounds lovely, so sweet and genuine.
i hope you take comfort in your memories. Jx

Thank you for your reply to my memories.
She was truly the most special person I ever met. My best friend and soulmate.
That is what makes it so difficult to come to terms with, but I try my best.
Losing her has changed the whole way I see my life and the lives of the people around me.

I am sure you have plenty of good memories too with your partner.

Let’s see what the future brings.

Take care.