Broken heart

I cant stop crying its been 5 months since i lost my soulmate we are have negotiations with the hospital as its making everything worse. I feel i should have shouted louder its all my fault they didnt listen. It was unbelievable he wwnt in withba broken leg and died of a heart attack. We weren’t even given the choice of a post mortem. I cant heal each day is worse almost made 50 years my soulmate my friend my lover. How do i survive without him


I hear your pain and suffering and hope you can find some solace and support on this site. We all understand and feel what you are going through so please don’t feel like you are alone.
It is so hard when our loved ones leave us but that pain is due to the love that you shared.
Try not to blame yourself for what happened in the past - it’s good to get anger and frustration out but be kind to yourself.
Sending hugs and strength to you.