There is no pain like this . I want to be with my unique gorgeous kind hearted Gary. He is my whole world . We were (are) soulmates. Xxx lesley

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Hi. Lesleyj. Welcome. You are so right. There is no pain like grief and it’s so often indescribable. Unless anyone has been there they have no idea what it’s like. The pain we feel and the emotions we go through are natures way of relieving the stress associated with bereavement, so let emotions come. Soulmates can never be parted not even in what we call the end of life. They remain with us, in our minds and all around us.
It’s good you are here. You will find caring folk who understand only too well what you are going through. Please come back and talk when you feel the need of support. It’s very often difficult to come on here and open up to strangers. I never regard anyone here as a stranger, rather as supportive friends.
Take care. One day at a time. Blessings. John.


Hi John . Thank you for your lovely words . If I know Gary is around me in spirit then it helps . I just pray it’s TRUE . I’ve read energy cannot be destroyed. If this is fact then we ALL should get at least SOME comfort that our loved ones are around . Xxxxxxxx

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I have no doubt it is TRUE. The law of physics applies as much here as elsewhere. Energy cant be lost. The essence, the Spirit of our lived ones goes on. It goes to places at present unknown to us, but at the same time remains with us. It may seem a paradox but to me it is true. I don’t expect everyone to have this faith, and it has little to do with religion. It is a feeling, an emotion deep inside, but it has always given me hope.
Blessings. John.

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I feel broken today such lovely words Jonathan. Lesley I do feel there is a place for our energy and souls. I just feel like she’s there (my mum). I can’t explain it. Just a deep feeling. I’m sorry for your loss. Grief is all consuming it’s the most painful human emotion. Look after yourself

I agree . It does not have anything to do with religion to me at all! .

Jools your mam is with you . Xx

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Hi Lesley. The pain you feel can’t be described or written down. I lost my girl was too early at 53. It will be 7 weeks tomorrow and the pain of seeing her go and going home to a empty home is beyond words.
We do share and feel your pain but everyone’s is personal to them.
Take care

I’m so sorry for your loss Jay . It is similar to my own very sad story . My short time was 10 days after 32 year of marriage . We are both in a bad place pet . My Angel was taken 14 weeks ago today ! Allison 7 weeks but it makes no difference if its 7 minutes weeks months or years , they are the loves of our lives and ALWAYS will be . Xxx

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Hi,sorry you have had to join us in this pain we all feel :two_hearts:I hang on to that law of physics too,that ‘energy never dies ‘ I feel that because I was cuddling my darling Roy when he died that part of his energy lives within me.
Love and peace to you all,Corinna xx

It’s TRUE Corinna . It’s just frustrating we cant see or hear our loved ones other than in our own heads . People talk about memories " think of all the memories" , I’m sorry but all I feel is heartbreak when I think of the fabulous memories we had . I cant bare thinking of Gaz in the past tense… ! I’m so sorry you lost your Roy in the physical being. He is with you in the spiritual being forever . Xxx

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Hello Everyone!, I just read the posts this evening, and my sorrow was with you all. I’m sorry for your losses as best as I can say. Just wanted to add that I once told a family friend that with wife, I wondered if I was married to an angel - or at least she had that characteristic — I miss her so much!

You are Herb. You are married to your Angel . Xx

I’m definitely married to my angel. My sweetheart is not physically here but she is still here and I talk to her every day. Just miss holding her hand and hearing her voice

Hi Lesley. I lost muddling husband nearly two years ago and even though the rawness fades, the agonising loss never does. Like you I can’t think of wonderful memories. I still can’t re visit those wonderful treasured times. Our last holiday but 2016 and he looked so fit and well. Seven months later he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I tried everything to save him and researched for hours but he died 16months later , not from the spread of the cancer but from sepsis due to what I believe was a lack of care and a dirty ward. Like you I still feel the agonising loss grief and I can’t move forward because there is always an empty pit in my stomach. Coming on here though and speaking to the wonderful people who KNOW our pain is the best thing have done. Please keep in touch on the site. I am always here if you need someone to speak to.

Sorry for mistakes. No glasses on

I’ve just read your heartbreaking story to my mam . She like myself are in tears . I am here for you to speak to anytime Angie xxx