I lost my mum 4 years ago she died due to the hospitals negligence is was proven in the full report i had done and the Hospital accepted responsibility. That made me feel worse if anything knowing that they failed to keep my mum safe. I remember walking towards a room with the blinds closing as i was approaching to be told my mum was dying . Right there and then i fell to my knees screaming begging them to go help her they said that when she was admitted the day before at 3pm screaming with a burst bowel and sepsis kicked in but she was left like that all night when she should of been rushed to theatre but instead was neglected and left to suffer till 1.30pm the nxt afternoon by that time the doctors said it was too late to save her so kept her alive with adrenaline to say goodbye. It was the most exruciating pain imagenable holding her all wrapped up like a baby in my arms told her i loved her all the world then she left us … I couldnt believe it my whole world caved in right then and im still in the same position 4 years later still had no councelling … im just numb still as fresh as anything … What happened to times a great healer x


Your sad story mirror’s mine in so many ways. My husband Jim was let down by local hospital and I will name and shame KETTERING GENERAL HOSPITAL you killed my husband. He to got sepsis due to neglect. How can someone go into hospital and be so neglected so much they catch sepsis and die. I’m also waiting for a full report as to why this happened it’s been 6 months and I’m still waiting . One thing I don’t want them to say is SORRY this will not be good enough I know nothing can bring Jim back but just a sorry means nothing I need some justice for Jim he deserves that at least. Your right time is not a great healer in fact if anything I’m getting worse. Everyday is a struggle little things seem to feel like such big things now take today with Sunday being mother’s day Jim would have brought me a gift from dogs and a card well today my mum gave me a card from dogs I just burst into tears I know it seems silly but I miss all the little touches that Jim always did for me.


I’m am so sorry that both of you had bad experiences with your local hospitals.
It has been a hard time for everyone and the pandemic has made hospital care very difficult, no excuse I know.
I’m so lucky I had a good experience with my local hospital, They were caring throughout Doug’s treatment and very compassionate when he died. His consultant who had just retired phoned me at home to say how sorry he was and that Doug was more like a friend than a patient. But I was thankful to all the doctors and nurses that looked after him to the end.
My love goes to you both :heart: X X

Im so sorry for your loss of ya husband the story sounds the same if hadnt left her in AnE for nearly 24 hrs she’d of been alive cz they cud of operated if it had been picked up straight away and taken to ICU the ICU team were going mad saying if she’d of been brought straight to us we could of stopped the sepsis kicking in so when i went the hospital nxt day for a meeting with the risk management team they told me the icu team had put an official report against there own hospital so that gt the ball rolling … I hope you get some news bk … you realise the amount of suffering they went thru cz its in the reports . It bewildered me how hospitals treat patients as numbers n not human beings …
So sorry you lost ur hubs sending big hugs xxxx

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