In 2001 I lost my partner, my grandparents and my sister within 4 week. I’ve never been able to get over my partners death let alone deal with anyone else. On June 1st my dad passed away after a short battle with stomach cancer. He was my king and my whole world and I don’t know how to carry on without him

Dear Jo-anne1

What a time you’ve had, losing so many people you loved, and then to lose your Dad so recently.
Your Dad, was the person who you loved so much, he’s been there for you all your life, has shared times good and bad with you, and you’re still his deeply loved daughter even though he’s not here. Well there are no words are there?

And yet he wouldn’t want you to put yourself through this pain, but right now it’s all you have. When you can reach out to others on here, check out some of the subjects raised which may help. We also have an online counselling service you can register with, or
If you want to speak with someone in person, then try the Samaritans.
We are here for you, so let us know how you are.

with affection