Waking up is so painful. I don’t want the day but they keep coming. A friend hopes I’ve had a good day but I want to scream. I don’t have good days I just endure them.
The pain is so unbearable but it keeps coming. I try and keep busy but the emptiness grows. I’m scared of driving but have to keep going. I won’t kill myself but just want life to stop. It’s my only hope.


@Maybe . Mornings are so hard aren’t they? That realisation that you are alone. I always say when asked that i have good hours and bad hours. And admit that it is so hard. I dont want to say im ok, because i am not. I saw this quote which said. It’s never the tears that measures the pain - its the smiles we fake. So true. I too hate driving because my mind wanders too much. Sending love and strength.


@Maybe - I am so sorry you are here, because of what it means, who you have lost. I know that morning feeling. They can all feel the same - with the big question “what’s the point?”. You have come to the right place, to share how you feel, because we all understand, we all know it, all too well. We look out for each other here, we come to post, to share, to support. So please, keep posting. I am 17 months in, now. The mornings are better, slowly. There is hope, you are getting through this - it will be ok. x

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Thank you X