Good evening all
This is my 1st time I’m a new member, feeling lost lonely alone my fiance passed 10 days ago his funeral was yesterday his family wouldn’t allow me to attend so did not say goodbye xx

Dear Alex2
I’m so sorry you’ve lost someone you loved. There are no words for your fiancé’s family’s behaviour! Added pain for you.

Please know you can say goodbye in your own time and way and your fiancé will be aware of your love. You will need time to adjust to your loss, please accept offers of support and ask for help if you need it. Grief is so debilitating and exhausting…take it an hour at a time.

Keep posting- there’s lots of support on this site- people who have lost someone they love and will understand all the emotions that hit you.

Love and hugs

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Thank you so so much my pain is horendous and I can’t see a way forward xx

hi Alex2
very sorry for the loss of your fiancé,and I cannot understand why some families are so inconsiderate and uncaring with the partners of their loved ones,theres no excuse,they are without doubt a nasty bunch.sadly several people on here have faced similar uncaring reactions from families.
I hope you can find some comfort and support from your own family.sadly with this lockdown going on at present you may well have to rely on telephone help or online support.hopefully you will get a little comfort sharing your thoughts on here.what ever you feel you need to say will not be judged,if it makes you feel a little better just post what ever .
sadly there is no time scale for grief and as you are only in the very early stages of the loss of your fiancé you will go through lots of heart breaking feelings we on here will try be there and if you need extra help many of us will try do what ever we can.sorry for droning on and pointing out some obvious things just know were all in a very smiliar situation and understand this is not easy to cope with.


Don’t look for a way forward. When I lost my son, last October I couldn’t think, could hardly breathe, wept constantly, couldn’t sleep…the physical pain was frightening. But hour by hour, so slowly it doesn’t feel like it’s happening, you find a way to live with the pain. It doesn’t go away but you have spells of not feeling it. That’s my experience anyway.
Take each hour at a time and take any support going.
Rest, meditate and try and eat. I use the Headspace app…for meditation and it helped me tremendously.
We’re here for you.

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What a beautiful gorgeous message thank you all do do much, I’m on my own at this moment long story so feel isolated coz of this covid 19 disaster couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’m so lost and my pain is horendous it really is xx

your very welcome Alex2,
just wanted you to know you are not alone
and I for one and many of us on the wonderful site
understand what emotions you are going through

Keep posting and you will get replies but not always immediately. We’re all here and we all understand the absolute agony of the loss of a loved one. Please don’t think you’re alone…something someone said to me when Henry died was “feel the pain, embrace it and those tears will heal you”. For me, there was some truth in that…I miss my boy every single day but I’m coping lots of the time. I never believed I would…or could.
Be kind to yourself and look after yourself :heart:

Thank you all so so much xx

Good morning Ian I hope your keeping ok, haven’t slept all night not having a good time at the min with his family I really don’t know what to do sorry I just need to have a little rant. It’s horrible the way I’m being treated it’s making me I’ll I’ve not eaten a full meal for a week just done toast xx

gm Alex2
just say what ever you need to ,its better out than in as they say.
and very sorry to read your finances family are not a nice bunch of people.
just sent a message,
regards ian

Hi Ian how do I get my messages on here please I haven’t figured it out yet x

hi Alex2
just click on private messages and you can see any messages that are sent to you.

Where is the button is it the circle at top of page where it shows somebody has posted. Sound stupid but I genuinely can’t see it. Blonde moment I think xc

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