Brother age 47 died just before Christmas

Struggling to cope after funeral yesterday having lost my older brother just before Christmas…not sure how to cope with daily life feeling overwhelmed and desperate with no one to talk with that understands.


I am so very sorry you have lost your older brother and at a young age. It is so very recent for you so it is no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. Just take it a day at a time in these early days, an hour at a time if needed.

Do you have any family you can talk to? I lost my sister many years ago now, when we were in our 30s. We all understand on this forum as unfortunately everyone has lost someone important to them on here, so do keep on posting and I am sure you will find it a good support.

Take care

Sorry Tippett,I understand the feeling,
I lost my eldest brother in 2000,although it was 18yrs ago ,i miss him everyday,he was my rock.My mam and dad had passed few years earlier so they didnt have to go through losing him.Those feelings are hard to bear,at the start,as you say the funeral was yesterday,so all very raw.My grief for my brother has changed ,i think of him now and smile,i still chat to him too,tell him whats going on.There are many on here who will understand ,just post how you are feeling,and you will have support.Take care xx

I know exactly how you feel tippett4 l lost my brother on the 12 Jan 19 . We had just watched a football match just walk to the pub, he sat down l took him his pint he never got to drink it he slumped forward and that was it . I’m still in shock can’t believe he’s gone

I lost my older brother (he was 38) in November of 2017 and it is still sometimes a struggle to deal with it. I echo what has been said in previous replies. Have you got any friends/family who can help with support? Please give yourself the time and space that you need to process and deal with your feelings. Please do not feel that you have to be strong for everyone else and neglect your own needs.

My brother was 66 lm 63 but l never look on him as old, one of my big brothers . I’m lucky l have 2 more brothers older me , and a younger sister . We are all so close .but it is still devastating

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