My husband went in to hospital with ice pick headaches 26th dec. Came home on 27th. Couldnt eat or drink and as diabetic rang dr. Told me take him back to a&e and leave him there. They need to sort it.tested positive for covid. Brought him home. 28th dec took him to dr S had chest infection. Normally gave him steroids and antibiotics. Dr said oxygen levels were to low and needed to go hospital. He didnt want to and my gut was saying take him home. I felt embarrassed to say it, but will always regret not saying it. He had no breathing problems. He went into hospital and was tbere till 13th jan when he passed away. I did ring him and all he kept saying was i want to come home. I feel so guilty. He caught covid in hospital and i never should of taken him. I feel so alone. I miss him so much. My kids have tbeir own lives. I have 4 walls and me. I just want him back. Where does this end

Sorry for your loss it is terrible when going into hospital and getting covid. My husband passed away last March in 1st lockdown he was admitted to hospital his bowel ruptured only to be told he had days left he told me to take him home I made the decision to do this we do what we think is best at the time.
Sending love x

My husband was in there for 18 days. Wasnt allowed to see him. Got 10 mins with him after they had administered the morphine. Just enough time to say i love you. So sorry for your loss. Its so sad.

Must had been so hard for you not been able to see him nightmare journey xx
Take care

Thankyou kim. You too. Wish there was a group where we all could meet up. We all have so much in common. Hope you are coping better

Bubba it doesn’t end it just gets easier and becomes a part of your everyday living I’m afraid .
I bet most of us on this site are thinking I should have done this I should have done that because now we have that time to sit and think , what we did do was what we thought was the best at that time unfortunately we can’t rewrite history, what a wonderful idea if we could.
Don’t be so hard on yourself you got professional support and advice when it was needed and you acted accordingly .
I’m certain your husband knows you did your best at the time and he won’t hold it against you.
I sit here giving this advice and all the time I’m feeling exactly the same as what your feeling .
We need to keep living in their honour because it’s what they would want us to do. X x kind regards Karen x x

Thankyou karen. All the time im thinking what if i did this or that, would he still be here? I miss him so much. I am broken without him he was my backbone. X

Bubba I have questioned myself so many times these last 6 months , I wonder if I had done cpr more effectively was it something I didn’t do would rob still be here . The answer to ANY question we might have is still the same , and the answer is no we did all we could have done in the circumstances.
Kind regards Karen x x