Butterfly Kisses (Poem)

Don’t cry for me please don’t be sad
Hold onto the memories of the times we both had
Don’t dwell on dark thoughts
Hold on tight to your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses

I walk beside you I am there all day long
I am right here but you think I am gone
You don’t see me but I can see you
Whatever the problems I will help you get through
I am the wind in your hair, the sand in your toes
Butterfly kisses that you feel on your nose

I am with you at sunrise and in sunset
But you can’t see me is my one regret
I sit right beside you when you are sad
As you look through the photos of times we both had
I watch you sleeping I hold you so tight
Before I go I kiss you goodnight
I will watch over you from Heaven above
Forever you will be my one true love
Hold on to your dreams and all your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses


This is a beautiful Poem @Alone1. Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart:

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Thank you for sharing this poem it made me cry but it is so beautiful and I hang onto those words xx and hugs