My son Gareth passed Tuesday 12th January 2021, very sudden from sepsis. After his funeral we could not get together due to covid so in September 2021 we had a party to celebrate Gareth’s life. We displayed his Subaru car which his dad had fully restored and I make cakes I always wanted to make Gareth’s subaru as a cake but Gareth was diabetic. So I built the cake with lights and the sound of his car in honour of Gareth so all his friends and family could have some. It was a lovely night, the memories that everyone had were amazing


This sounds so good, @Joanne6 - thank you for sharing. Loads of love to you x

Hello Joanne

You deserve an acknowledgement for your post which was a positive contribution. I’m glad you were able to make some happy memories for the family and friends by holding a memorial for Gareth. The design of the cake sounds amazing and I hope that creating such a loving masterpiece for your son helped.

My thoughts are with you and your husband.