Calling Jackie399

Hi Jackie, I read your message last night but now this morning cannot find the thread of where it was so hence I am having to start a new conversation. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am glad working is helping you so much and a job with dogs sounds really interesting. At least you have some dogs to show some love and affection with and have it returned as dogs are such faithful, loving creatures eh? As you say, it is obviously helpful that dogs accept whatever your mood as it is hard for us to interact with people at times with our moods and emotions going up and down. I wish I was still in my old job but Dave and I left in January as we wanted to spend some quality time together and sort of retire and I can’t go back there as there are no vacancies now and anyway, it would be too painful. However, starting a new job and coping with learning something new and in a new environment really scares me, especially the way I am feeling with my bereavement. I really do feel in a hopeless mess. The start of this year we had so many plans and now they are all gone and shattered and here I am like a rabbit caught in headlights. I really wish I could go back to a job I know so I can understand how your regular, normal work that you had before your bereavement is your life saver. I have started applying for jobs but I get panicky. Hope you are bearing up today. Best wishes from Karen