Camilla Consort to King

I wonder how people feel about Charles and particularly Camilla. I just cannot forget how much grief and suffering sweet Diana went through due to their actions. It feels like that is all forgotten now and that feels wrong.


I Agree with you on this and feel almost sacrilegious thinking it but Charles and Camilla we’re together whilst he was married to Diana yet now it’s as if none of that happened and we are supposed to bow or curtsy to her as queen (consort) and him as king as if they were perfect beings
I am sad for their loss even so and I miss the queen already though not a royalist
Very changing times we are in quite unsettling


I think the new King and Queen consort are wonderful. Camilla is very good for him and they are so in love. Why should they be denied that? Diana wasn’t right for him from the start and whilst I’m loathe to speak ill of the dead, she was no saint either. I think it was six of one and half dozen of the other. Truth is, it was never going to work between Charles and Diana. A tragic tale.


I Agree with you Crazy Kate I like both Charles and Camilla they are lovely Charles should never have married Diana she was totally wrong for him he should have been with Camilla from the start. I for one was never very keen on Diana there is always two sides to a story and the whole thing was tragic.