Can no longer "fix" regret

What hurts the most about death is that I cannot go back and fix things.

I cannot make amends, heal wounds, make things right or better, fix things so that I can go on comfortably.

It is painful not to have those chances anymore to fix things and make things right. I am in a phase where I have messed up so many things that involve the deceased but can no longer
heal by correcting these mistakes … and it is very hard.


Hello, I think there are always those ‘what if’ questions but no answers. It’s a guilty trip most of us go on but you know it’s to late. It’s hard to understand how to deal with those thoughts but we can ask for forgiveness and hope they hear. Don’t beat yourself up, we can’t change the past but we can improve the future by understanding what we did wrong. Be kind to yourself because you are grieving the loss. S xx