Can’t cope

Last September I lost my beautiful daughter only 14 and I cant cope.i am trying to hold it together for the sake of my 8 year old son but my whole life is crashing down round about me and I’m watching my family destroy each other trying to understand it

Hi Loz,

There are no words or no way of understanding the pain you and your family are going through, I’m very sorry this has happened to you.

I lost my mum but they’re two seperate things, as horrible as it is it’s the natural order of things to lose parents, but it isn’t to lose a child, which makes it a million times harder for you, so I don’t really have any good advice but I just had to let you know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope you all somehow manage to come out the other side of this <3 xx

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Thank you so much, and I am so sorry to hear about your mum I am so close to mines I can only think how hard it must be.its just coming up to my daughters anniversary and I keep replaying every day last year as if it’s the final build up to what happend that day.and now whith the circumstances behind her death there’s finally what looks like some justice going to be done but the thought of court and hearing things I don’t want to hear and facing a monster I just feel like I’ve been screaming at walls with nobody listening for so long and now something is getting done I’m terrified x

Oh my word it’s bad enough losing a child but under the circumstances you have said, I know you may not feel like it but you are a very strong person, the fact you are reaching out and talking and still carrying on even if it only feels like you’re just scraping by, more often we don’t know our own strength until it’s time for us to be strong and we surprise ourselves!

Your family are most likely as angry and confused as you are (apologies if I haven’t used the right emotions there) and all your feelings and emotions are clashing by the sounds of it, I honestly wish I could give you some good advice and help, all I can suggest is keep talking on here to let it out, I’m here to talk to, even if it’s just to rant and rave to, there’s no good in this situation at all but when the court date has passed and you get justice done I hope you feel a little bit of weight off your shoulders and get to grieve for your lovely daughter with your family without all that extra stress on all of your shoulders.

Please keep talking and take care xx

Hi Loz,

I’m so sorry. It’s just over a year since my second son died and I did exactly the same … went over everything relived it, even who said what etc when he died. I was with him and had my hand on his chest as he stopped breathing. I replay what all the nurses and doctors said etc. My eldest son died almost six years ago. It’s so hard and so devastating. I hope you get justice for your daughter abd I hope you have dupport. Always here to talk to. Hugs, Sue

Hi Loz, you are stronger then you think we have all been through a lot of self doubts after loosing a child, be strong for your daughter and the rest of your close family you will get there.

So sorry for your loss,absolutely heartbreaking. I lost my Mum september the 1st last year. I have to carry on for my son. Stay strong,there are people around you who care,xxx

I’m really sorry about your daughter. My daughter died 6 weeks ago, she was 18 and died of SUDEP. Sudden unexspectad death in epilepsy, even though she only ever had 3 seizures.
What we have all been through us horrific and I don’t see a future whatsoever. . I still wonder why and how? Still do much unanswered. We still in total disbelief. We will always miss our girls but I am hoping my beautiful Megan is around me.
I’m here to chat to if you need too.
I’m sending you (((hugs)))
Teresa xxx