Can’t feel happy

Losing my 27yr old son in America has been the worse. No answers. Can’t move forward l Sometime wish I wasn’t here! Not that I would do anything, just thoughts!
Just want my family back. I have to make out I am coping whilst everyone else is falling apart. I will support my family, but sometimes wonder what about me x

Hello, I cannot think how it feels to lose a son and at 27 it’s far to young. My thoughts and prayers are being sent and hope you can feel the big hugs I am also sending. Grief makes us stronger and we do put that brave face on when we are actually falling apart inside. We have two sons both live abroad and if something happened to either of them I would be devastated and not being able to go to sort things out or just to be near must be horrible. You do sound a strong person and I hope you will see a way through and feel happy even in a small way. I know many on this site will be sending you love. Take care Sxxx

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Thank you for reaching out. It’s nice to to know someone is there.
Jason x