Can’t go back to our bed

Since I suddenly lost my husband in September I cannot sleep in our bed. I can barely walk into our room. I sleep on the floor in the family room with the tv on all night.

Oh morr. Maybe you need to take the next step now. My dad couldn’t do it for a while. But now he finds it comforting. Maybe just baby steps. Have a little lay on it. Then A few days later. an afternoon nap.

Morr I am so sorry for your pain. I thought I might have this problem but actually found comfort in returning to our bed. I had been away from it for some weeks after Brian came downstairs and I slept on the floor by the side of his bed. I needed to be near him at all times. When I did return I found myself sleeping on his side and still do and like you go to sleep while watching the TV and usually wake up and switch it off during the night.
I did however have a problem with the dining room as Brian died in there. I am only just managing to use it a little after a year but I have to pass through the room to the kitchen so can’t shut it up. I re-painted the room, moved furniture around, and kept a vase of flowers on the table to be cheerful. I used to love this room before. You have been given good advice. Try a short time sitting or lying on the bed. It might help you to adjust. All through the summer I struggled with the garden although I’m a very keen gardener, Brian and I spent so much time out there together. I am just about managing to take an interest now and altering area’s. Don’t force it, you will know when your ready. Otherwise can you make another room your permanent room. Good luck to you.
Pat xxx

Aww! I know it’s really hard!!
I haven’t slept in our bed now the last 13 months I sleep in a single bed downstairs I won’t go upstairs as feel to closed in and shut away!
Nothing will ever be the same again but I am out every opportunity I get just keeping myself busy every day so I do sleep at night.
Sending you lots of love and hugs at this difficult time xx

I bought myself a smaller bed and changed the room round.It doesn’t help with the darkness and silence but I leave the hall light on but it does help me sleep a bit better but I’m waking up at 5 am.

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