Can’t say his name without crying

I lost my lovely husband 24th January. I can’t even say his name without crying and I am somehow supposed to get on a plane home soon with his ashes! It’s a nightmare.


Mary ,it must be awful if you are in another country and having to travel home alone,I wish you a safe journey and hopefully get some help from the cabin crew.


So sorry for your loss. I hope you have a safe journey home.
Sending hugs x


Mary I’m so very sorry for your loss my thoughts are with you on your journey home please take care


Hello MaryS i do hope your very painful journey home with your husbands ashes is now behind you. I lost my wife and best friend in October 23 she had been fine until complaining of a head ache resulting in a visit to hospital A&E and 12 later she had died with a massive bleed on her brain. They say there was nothing they or me could have done to prevent or help. Not sure if a sudden loss is better or worse than a slow protracted end of life.

But I know how it hit me and would like to reassure that your reactions are normal for the first 2 months i couldn’t talk about my wife without crying. 4 months on I still cant hold a conversation about my wife without tearing up but I can now talk about her and it is getting easier to cope with everyday life.

I do hope that like me you are slowly adjusting to life with out your soulmate i think the term “baby steps” is the way forward and take all the help you can. Wishing you all the best in the journey ahead of you and take care of yourself best wishes


You are not alone. I’m having the same experience. I have just gotten used to it. No shame in crying. Grief is hard. I hope your trip is bearable and that people are kind.