can’t sleep 6 months after losing my mum suddenly

i’m 34 single live with my brother who works nights i lost my mum suddenly 6 months ago i already suffer badly with anxiety and depression and this has made everything so much worse the last few weeks i can’t sleep every other night i will only get 2 hours sleep i’ve had to quit my job feel like i can’t live a normal life she was my rock im alone a lot of the time and don’t know how i can ever feel better i’ve tried so many things even started acupuncture but the sleepless nights are killing me can anyone help?

Hi @kezza1988 . Have you thought of doing something like meditation? There are many meditative aids to sleeping on youtube. One of our members liked this one Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast | Deep Healing Relaxation (Guided Sleep Meditation) - YouTube.
Personally, I took the route of hypnosis, which worked well to resolve many anxiety/,ptsd issues I had.

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Hi Kezza, have you seen your GP about it? I was prescribed sleeping pills (7 days worth) soon after my mum died. I realise some people don’t want to go near sleeping pills for fear of getting addicted, but GPs these days will generally only prescribe for very short periods. For a longer-term solution you could ask your GP if you can be referred to CBT programme for sleep such as Sleepio or SleepStation (you can search for them online) Grief is even harder if you can’t sleep I’ve found, so I hope you can get the right help for this soon. Take care, Mike


hi mike thankyou for your reply it’s quite a long story i suffer from anxiety and depression badly anyway and take a couple of meds i have had sleeping pills in the past but am told their only short use as you say i’ve been watching an insomnia coach on youtube im trying all sorts i’ve had acupuncture twice recently ive not heard of sleepio or sleepstation i will look them up thankyou i’m just so worried this will last for months i can’t even work atm the thing i don’t understand is why i’m suddenly not sleeping 6 months after she’s passed maybe i’ve been in shock or the ptsd has only just hit me?

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Hi Kezza, you could well still be in shock six months later. I had trouble sleeping over the Xmas holidays due to grief (almost a year after my mum died) and went back to my GP, but that time they said they wouldn’t prescribe me sleeping pills again. You’ve maybe searched online already for grief and insomnia, it’s really common and there’s lots of advice online with tips on how to sleep better when you’re grieving. I hope something works for you soon, Mike.

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