Can’t sleep!

Sleep evades me on this long and lonely night! :frowning::frowning:

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It often does me. I really wish I could sleep like I did when he was with me. Bed at 10: asleep 10:30. Up once in night usually around 3: back to sleep wake at 08:00. Now bed at 10. Wake up every hour. My arthritis is worse and the pain killers wear off so I have to get up to take more to give myself any chance. The oblivion of sleep would be wonderful. In grief either people seem to sleep a lot or not at all.

Have you tried camomile tea yet as its really relaxing you know ? Also i wear an eye mask at night … find that so relaxing too and stops the light from disturbing you x

I don’t really have any light pollution where i am. I may give the camomile tea a go. At the moment it is painkillers to counteract my arthritis which seems to get worse at night and really bad in bed.

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@Pudding have you tried nidra yoga. You can Google it. My therapist has recommended this if you have trouble sleeping. X

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It’s now mostly my arthritis keeping me awake. Since he died it has got so much worse. I have to do so much more about the house which I don’t think is helping. I will look up the yoga.

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I have got psoriatic arthritis which is thankfully not too bad ATM. I find though when I go out for a walk my shoulders hurt, my chest and back. I been told that I am carrying a lot of stress. I expect that your grief is not helping your arthritis either xx

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I am certain if it. Trouble is paracetamol only last 4 hours. Can’t take anti inflammatories. They make me breathless. Cocodamol can be addictive so I try to stay clear. I just hope it improves but don’t hold out much hope with the cold weather coming.

I find the hot weather doesn’t help either. . I took naproxen for years which caused slight erosions in my stomach so have stop taking them. X

Naproxen is what triggered my problem with anti inflammatories. I was great for 4 days and then couldn’t breathe. After that couldn’t take even ibuprofen.

I thought I was the one that was going to go first with my arthritis, no thyroid and high blood pressure and cholesterol. My husband wasn’t on any medication and never even caught COVID. He was much fitter than me. Such a shock when he suddenly and unexpectedly died.

I too thought I would go first after the fluid around my lung last year. He was becoming Ill looking back but we thought it was just a reaction to some meds. If only he had told me everything. But we cannot change the past

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@Pudding I know you were saying not many people on here from Somerset. I just replied from someone on here from Somerset who is isolated and spoke to someone else who is from Yeovil. Hope you don’t mind me mentioning this to you!

Who were they. As the nearest I have come across is Devon

I live 10 miles from Yeovil.

hi pudding one of the ladies from Somerset I believe that you have been recently speaking to her. The person from Yeovil I’m sorry I can’t remember but notice that freefaller is from the west country. Sorry not much help.

Nidra yoga … never heard of that ? I sleep … i just wake up early some days ! Do you know how to make the font bigger on our reply messages hazel? Im sure its gone smaller , although i can zoom out xx

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I have noticed that as well debs. My writing is coming up very small xx

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Have you ? Oh good its not just me then !! Thought i was going a bit nutty ? Hello … adjudicators - can you fix it please ?