Can.t take it in?

Hi, my husband died 4 months from cancer, I can’t seem to get it into my head that he is gone, we were never told the words terminal or end of life, we were hold 2-4 months but he was gone in 6 days, I didn’t think he’d die, i was taking him home the next day and only thought of that, even though I saw him in the chapel of rest and had the funeral I still can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that someone who was so important in my life isn’t here! I keep thinking he is missing or has started a new life without me? Am I going mad? From the outside I look ok, I’ve gone back to work, I go out socially but on the inside I don’t understand what has happened?

Hi sorry to hear of your loss. My husband died in June, we were only told he had bowel cancer 3 weeks beforehand. It all happened so sudden . I miss him so much. Unless you have been through this you don’t understand how hard it is, unfortunately we do know. Take care xx

Evening to you,
So sorry to hear your sad news. And no you are not going mad. We have all been there!
We were out having a meal with friends on the Saturday evening Mike looked good by the next Sunday he was no longer. It is such a sad sad time for us. When we have lost our husband or partner life never seems the same. It has been 7 months for me and I still hate this life alone. I have no family at all, do not work as I am 67. I am selling my house at the moment but when that has gone I must focus on something like a job or helping people a reason to go from day to day as at the moment I just exist. I have been and still suffer badly from my loss and have been very ill. You must be brave and carry on as I bet your husband would hate it if he knew you were so sad. Although I feel so sad all the time. Like you the outside appearance is deceiving its how we feel inside. Mind you I lost over 2 stone in weight so my outside is different to what it was.
Take good care soldier on thats what we have to do Love Suex.

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